Trial Consulting

Complete Legal’s Trial Consulting services is led by Chris Booth and his team of experts who are versed at elevating your go to trial strategy.  With over 20 years of experience in the courtroom, our team can help at each stage of a trial from discovery through full trial presentations. Our trial consulting services include:

  • Project consulting
  • Graphics creation
  • Pre-trial presentation preparation
  • Trial presentation and equipment rental
  • Technology management

With our strong eDiscovery background and foundation as a technology first company, Complete Legal’s Trial Consulting services allow your team to focus on getting results for your clients while we do the heavy lifting with eDiscovery, animation, graphics, photos and videos, presentation planning, document management and more.

Pre-Trial: Before going to trial, our expert trial consultants  will create and organize a database of key documents and potential trial exhibits ensuring that they are organized and easily available at all times.  Complete Legal Services electronic trial presentations and professionally edited and enhanced video footage are an extremely effective tool for increasing a juror’s understanding of a case.  

At Trial: If your trial will call for the playback of video of any type, Complete Legal Services will guarantee any editing and enhancement is done to the highest of standards and during trial we will operate any appropriate software and/or audio-visual equipment to strengthen your courtroom presentation.

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