Dedicated. Experienced. Local.

Complete Legal Services is a locally owned and operated litigation support company supporting the Kansas City legal community. Comprised of tenured members of the litigation support industry, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality and service to our clients. We assist our clients with processing electronic discovery, access to online review platforms, the scanning of hard copy documents and photocopying services, trial consulting and legal technology software training.


You can’t avoid it, most of your cases will include eMails, Microsoft Office files and other various types of data.  We can help.  We can work with you on reducing the size of your data collection, extract key pieces of information from each electronic file and convert your data into a format that is easier for you to review and/or produce to opposing counsel.


Instead of attempting to manage extremely large collections in your in-house application or even worse, attempt to or sort through thousands of files one at a time, let us help by hosting your documents in an online database. Unlike other service providers, we don’t force our clients into a ‘one size fits all’ platform – we have multiple applications depending on the specifics of your case.


When you have paper but would rather have it in a digital format, we can help.  Our team will digitize your documents and add functionality you can’t get with just paper.  We can enhance your documents by preparing them to be searchable, electronically numbering or capturing key information to assist you in your review.


In a world where data is increasing, we haven’t turned our back on paper.  We know our clients still need traditional paper services.  Whether you have discovery that needs to be duplicated or you need exhibits prepared, we have you covered with all of the photocopying and printing services you still need.

Technology Training

In today’s fast-paced legal world, clients continue to put more demand on their attorneys and law firms; making the case stronger than ever for a solid in-house technology strategy.  Complete Legal’s  law firm technology training options can be customized to be in person or web-based and can provide law firms and their staff training in areas such as new hire training to increase speed to market, one on one training on specific document review platforms, litigation strategy and trial prevention to name a few. Learn More.

Trial Consulting

Trial preparation, organization and execution of trial presentations are an extremely critical component in today’s courtroom. Complete Legal’s Trial Services division has a team of experienced trial consultants who are experts at elevating your presentation at trial. Our services include project consulting, graphics creation, pre-trial presentation preparation, trial presentation and equipment rental. Learn more