Litigation Support Redefined


Litigation Support Redefined


Litigation Support Redefined



You can’t avoid it, most of your cases will include eMails, Microsoft Office files and other various types of data.  We can help!


Instead of attempting to manage extremely large collections in your in-house application, let us help by hosting your documents in an online database.


When you have paper but would rather have it in a digital format, we can help. Our team will digitize your documents and add functionality.


In a world where data is increasing, we haven’t turned our back on paper.  We know our clients still need traditional paper services.

Technology Training

Increase your firm’s productivity by training your staff and partners on key technology platforms that help your firm work faster and smarter.

Trial Consulting

In-house training for law firms from solo practitioners to large firms to help you avoid spending nonbillable hours on an expensive off-site or out of town training.

About Us

Complete Legal Services is a locally owned and operated litigation support company supporting the Kansas City legal community. Comprised of tenured members of the litigation support industry, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality and service to our clients. We assist our clients with processing electronic discovery, access to online review platforms, the scanning of hard copy documents and photocopying services, trial consulting and legal software technology training.